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Becca & Rendel / St. Paul, MN Engagement Session

I could not have picked a better way to start off the new year than getting to spend an afternoon with these college friends! While we both grew up in the same Minnesota suburb, I did not get the privilege of meeting Becca until we were assigned seats next to each other in choir our freshman year of college... in Virginia. We met and were just bonding over the fact that we had the same name when we found out we grew up 5 minutes from each other! Becca was my person during all our long choir rehearsals, trips, and bus rides. Wherever she was, Rendel was not far behind. Even though they didn't start dating for a couple of years, they were literally best friends from the start.

They are both Theatre majors at Liberty University, and they got engaged this fall while playing romantic leads opposite each other in the show Bright Star. Rendel told me today that throughout the course of the show, his character proposed to her twice, and on their closing night, Rendel proposed to Becca as they were taking their final bows - it was THE CUTEST thing ever, and I showed their proposal video to everyone in my general vicinity.

I have not gotten to see these two since I graduated back in December 2018, so when Becca reached out saying they'd both be home for Christmas, I was freaking stoked to take their engagement photos. When we started talking about location, they just knew they wanted warm because Rendel is from North Carolina and not quite as used to the MN winters as Becca & myself LOL. Now, warm and January in Minnesota don't necessarily mix, but we agreed on what I think was the perfect spot for them - the Como Park Conservatory in St. Paul! Going from outside in the cold to inside of a greenhouse may have had its technical difficulties, but they were champs and let me use their clothes to wipe off my foggy lens.

They are super funny people by nature, and something they knew they wanted was awkward family photos, and I definitely think we delivered.

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