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Hallie - Downtown St. Paul Senior Pictures

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

EEEEEEEEKKKK I FREAKING LOVE THIS SESSION SO MUCH. I got the privilege of photographing Hallie early last week on one of our last summery days! We had such beautiful weather, beautiful locations, beautiful outfits, beautiful senior — I could go on and on.

When Hallie first reached out to me, it was her DREAM to have her session inside an art museum. Unfortunately with COVID, any indoor sessions are kind of off the table unless you wanna be wearing a mask the whole time. Understandable, but still I felt so bad that we couldn't work it out! I could tell she was going for a really sophisticated vibe, so, we did the best we could and picked locations with really unique architectural elements to channel that sophistication and intricacy she was looking for!

Hallie is a photographer herself, and is also on her school’s dance team! I have rarely shot other photographers so it always makes me juuuust a little nervous 😂 The good thing is, Hallie has taken a lot of self-portraits so she knows her angles and was a PRO at posing! I think all seniors start off a little bit nervous, but by the end, they absolutely are killing every pose I put them in. It's my favorite thing to watch confidence grow over the course of a session!

This girl drove 8 HOURS ROUND TRIP to have her photos taken I’m SO freaking honored and had such a blast!! This is also officially the LARGEST gallery I have ever delivered for a senior lol 😂 There was just too much goodness and culling it down to a couple hundred was even too difficult 🤣

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Cat Whisperer
Cat Whisperer
Jul 29, 2021

She be mad if I blasted a load all over her tits cuz I just did

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