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Hannah & Jacob - Couple's Session Turned PROPOSAL

OMGGGG YOU GUYS. I am so behind on blog posts but it is FINALLY time to share this gem from the end of November!!! Hannah found me through some photos I took of one of our mutual friends. She reached out to me letting me know that her and her long-time boyfriend, Jake, were getting their very first place together, and that she really wanted to have some good-quality photos to put on their walls! I am of the belief that every season in a relationship deserves to be remembered and celebrated so OFC I was down!

I am getting ready to leave my apartment for the session, and I swear to you, I had this super strong feeling that Jake was going to propose during our session. I had never spoken to the guy before, everything was planned between me and Hannah, but somehow I had this really strong feeling. Well, I arrive at the session, and as Hannah is taking her jacket off, Jake really quick whispers to me "I'm proposing today." AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT??!! So for the next 45 minutes I keep my poker face on, and try to help set up the perfect moment for them.

Hannah had mentioned how much she really loved the pine trees in a certain area of where we were shooting, so I waited until we could get set up there. From there, I had them prepare for a prompt that I normally use, where the guy runs up from behind to pick up the girl and spin her around. This gave Jake some time to prep and get the ring ready! Before they started I thought "shoot, if this were me, I would want a video of this!" Hannah and I had been talking about photo TikToks earlier, so I asked if I could set my phone down and record a TikTok of the prompt LOLLLLLL I AM SO GLAD THIS DIDN'T GIVE ANYTHING AWAY.

Then the rest is history! Jake popped the question, and Hannah was SO ELATED. Some of my favorite things she said included "Maybe 2020 isn't so bad after all!!!" and "I'm never taking this off!!!!" Enjoy some of my favorites of these cuties!

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