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Jason & Abby / St. Paul, MN Engagement Session

I am lucky enough to get to be cousins by marriage with these two wonderful humans! They are our go-to people if we ever want to have a fun game night (we are BIG Settlers of Catan people), and just so fun to be around!

The three of us all went to college together in Virginia, and last fall when Scott came to visit for my birthday and to propose, we were sitting down with Jason between classes, asking him when he thought he would ask. He didn't skip a beat and was already showing us the types of rings he was looking at. He ended up choosing the most beautiful opal & emerald ring for her. They just got engaged this past spring under the beautiful cherry blossoms in Washington D.C. after dating all throughout college & I could not be more thrilled for them.

We headed to the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory at the Como Zoo this past Saturday for their photos. It was supposed to be overcast the entire day, but the sun came out and stayed out for us the entire time! I kept saying to Scott as I was editing, "they are literally the perfect couple." I love them & their love for each other is so evident as you watch them interact! I am so looking forward to their wedding this coming spring.

Here are some of my favs that were nearly impossible to narrow down:

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