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Malia - Minneapolis, MN Senior Pictures

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

MALIA are you kidding me?? The soft smile. The TONES. THE OUTFITS (thx @francescas)

Everything about this girl's session was a dream it was so perfect. We started our night downtown getting some photos capturing her love for music and her trumpet, and getting some more urban looks in. And just because you start your session in the city doesn't mean you have to stay in the city!! We ended the night at one of my favorite hidden gems a little closer to home for aaaaalllll the fall vibes. Like HOLY CRAP THE COLORS WERE OUT and her outfits could not have highlighted them better!!

I love all her photos, but the last ones are definitely my favorites, so be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to check them out!

This was definitely one of those sessions where it felt more like hanging out with a friend than anything else! Have the best senior year girl!

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