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Megan & Daniel / Minneapolis Engagement Session

You guys - I could not have asked for a better session to wrap up my 2019 than Megan & Daniel's engagement photos! The three of us met up on a gloriously warm (and by warm, I mean 40 degrees) December day in Minnesota, which is practically unheard of. We got to wander around St. Anthony Main together for a few hours and had a great time!

My favorite thing about their story is how they met. I have never laughed harder at an email than when Megan told me how they started talking. I can't do it justice, so I will copy paste her exact words here for your enjoyment: "Daniel came to the University of Minnesota Duluth campus to recruit for the Marine Corps one night while I was working at my not-so-glamorous job of being a janitor (like I was literally sweeping the stairs when he asked me out). He first was trying to recruit me while I was standing there with a broom in my hand and I had a few choice words for him. However, he proceeded to ask for my number and I guess the rest is history." This story alone had me prepared for them to be a super funny couple to hang out with, and I wasn't wrong. We spent their whole session laughing and they felt like friends by the end - literally the best type of sessions!

Enjoy some of my favorite from their shoot this past Sunday:

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