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Mike & Elizabeth - Backyard COVID Wedding

I CANNOT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT to share Mike & Elizabeth's wedding day with you all!

I met Mike and Elizabeth at the very end of April this year - they had let me know that they decided to bump up their originally-scheduled November wedding to July instead - the first COVID wedding I've seen bumped earlier and I am so happy about it!

Mike and Elizabeth met very briefly in college. As their first-ever interaction, Mike actually accidentally made Elizabeth cry in class - it was her first year of college, and she answered the question wrong while he had his hand raised. He then responded with "Obviously it was [insert correct answer here]" Their contact from then was VERY infrequent, and Elizabeth ended up sliding into Mike's DMs 6 years later after he had moved to PA. Bold move to shoot your shot halfway across the country, and I am so glad it worked out 😭

Later on in their relationship, Mike was dropping Elizabeth off at the airport for her to go back home after one of their visits. They were both kind of waiting for someone to drop the first "I love you," and after sitting there for a while, Elizabeth said it, gave Mike some finger guns, then LEFT. So there is your explanation for any of the finger gun photos you see. Out of aaaaalll the photos from their wedding day, that is the one that was made a profile picture immediately too 😂

Besides being a super fun couple with a great story, Mike and Elizabeth are the kindest, most genuinely in love couple. In Mike's own words when they first introduced themselves, "I'm a huge nerd who spends way too much time playing World of Warcraft and she's a creative, bubbly, fun-loving woman." They are not just a couple, but two incredible individuals who love the other in their entirety. This was reiterated so frequently throughout their wedding day in vows, speeches, and behavior.

It was such an honor to serve them as they treated all of their vendors and guests with so much love and respect. I felt so welcomed by them and their friends, and they are definitely one of those couples that don't feel like clients, but friends instead. 💛

ALSO??? They are welcoming their first BABY this year!!

PLEASE enjoy some of my favorites from Mike & Elizabeth's wedding day:

Dress: David's Bridal

Catering: Lily's Wings

Second shooter: Autumn G Photography

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