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Natalie & Nick - Backyard October Wedding

I have been waiting for this day for what feels like forever (but really only since last November.) Where do I even begin with Natalie & Nick?? I have NEVER laughed so much taking a couple's photos before! Their plans were changed because of COVID (surprise surprise LOL) but I LOVE to see couples making the most of it and these two definitely did.

They had the most beeeeaauuutiful outdoor wedding at Natalie's parents home, and here's the deal. The morning of their wedding it SNOWED, and I panicked. Not for my sake, but because I knew they had planned an outdoor wedding, and know how it sucks to have your plans screwed with. But minutes later I open my phone to see Nick make an Instagram post about how fitting it seemed that it snowed on their wedding day since it also snowed on the day they got engaged 🥺 And the best part is while we had that beautiful moment in the morning, by the time we got rolling with photos, the snow was goooone and we had a beautiful (even though it was a little bit chilly) day!

Their flowers were 10/10 the most gorgeous I have seen this year! And all the bridesmaids did JEAN JACKETS over their dresses which was SO CUTE.

My favorite thing about this wedding is how personal it was to them. From Nick's The Office socks (an homage to how they started talking), The Princess Bride being referenced in their ceremony, and Natalie's swing dance with her dad - nothing they planned was unintentional. Everything highlighted their relationships with each other and the people they love!

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