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Nick & Natalie / Taylors Falls, MN Engagement Session

We all have a little bit of a soft spot for The Office, right? Right! Well that is exactly what brought these two lovebirds together when their story started years ago. Natalie dropped a reference to Kevin's chili (get it?? dropped?) and the rest is history for this now-engaged couple!

Nick proposed to Natalie this past summer much to her surprise while they were out hiking. She had stopped to tie her shoe and was singing a song from Spongebob, and when she stood back up, there he was with the ring! This, and Natalie falling when Nick came to pick her up for their second date are just a few of the funny stories this couple had. They are so good-natured, and always laughing with each other!

I can't wait for them to get married this October, so for now enjoy their engagement photos!

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