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Personal - Indianapolis Trip

For our Fourth of July long weekend, Scott and I decided to make the 8-hour road trip from Minneapolis to Indianapolis to visit my best friend from college and her husband! Lindsey and I have been best friends since we were quadmates my freshman year of college. We were both each other's maids of honor when we both got married in 2019. I could not be more blessed with her friendship, and not seeing her since October was unacceptable.

Trip highlights included but were not limited to lots of great coffee, eating sushi out of a boat, watching Hamilton, and straight up spending time with friends! Transitioning from college to adulthood when all of your closest friends are in different states can be a really weird and lonely transition. I am thankful for vehicles to road trip and friends who will open their apartments to us.

I have also been hyping up Lindsey and her now-husband McClain from the beginning (like stalked him on LinkedIn because he didn't have any other social media and I needed to know who he was when Lindsey told me about him) so I had to make sure their love was celebrated with some parking garage pics at sunset of course.

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