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Rebecca - Crown College Graduation Session

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I am still unable to take client sessions at this time due to the stay at home order in Minnesota and photography being deemed unessential. All photos in this post were taken personally as a friend, and not as a vendor or service provider.


Rebecca is another one of my very best friends from growing up! She has been by my side since we were in 1st grade and her family came to my church for the first time - we both showed up in the same skirt, found out we had the same name, then found out our moms had the same name too! Our friendship was basically sealed then and there.

We also have a THIRD bff named Rebecca - we were the only 3 girls in our grade at church and aaaalllll shared the same name and were lovingly dubbed "The Trifecta." Because we all shared a name, we had to claim nicknames for ourselves early on for when we were all together. Especially in groups, people liked to call out our name and laugh when we all whipped our heads around to see who wanted us which drove us NUTS. This Rebecca chose to go by her initials, RC, and I still call her this, even when we aren't in a group - it just fits!

RC, like many other of my close friends, has had her college graduation plans extremely effected by COVID-19. I was so happy to take photos of her around her college campus in St. Bonifacius last night to mark an end to her college years. We even got some cute shots in with her boyfriend, too 😉

Enjoy some of my favorites from Rebecca's graduation photo session!

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