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Rebecca - UMN Twin Cities Graduation Session

Updated: May 13, 2020

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I am still unable to take client sessions at this time due to the stay at home order in Minnesota and photography being deemed unessential. All photos in this post were taken personally as a friend, and not as a vendor or service provider.


I graduated high school in 2016, which means a lot of my really close friends are scheduled to graduate from college this May. We are under some insanely weird circumstances right now with the COVID-19 crisis, which has postponed many university's commencement ceremonies, or in my childhood BFF Rebecca's case, pushed the ceremony to online.

When she reached out to me last night asking if I could take a couple pictures of her around her college campus at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities for her graduation slide, you can bet I was thrilled to 1) get out of the house, 2) take some photos, and 3) see this friend of mine! We had a great time on a beautiful Minneapolis evening walking around campus together with her mom, Diane. Rebecca even said as we were traversing campus, "This feels like my end here."

So many college graduates are not going to get that sense of finality, closure, and great accomplishment with classes just ending and not having a commencement ceremony. I was so glad to celebrate and preserve what moments we could for one of my closest friends! (And yes, we stayed 6 feet apart at all times.)

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