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The Burfeinds - Hope Glen Farm Rainy Wedding

Staci and Philip so clearly put God at the center of every aspect of their wedding day this past May, and I was so humbled to witness it.

When I checked the forecast the morning of the wedding, I truly didn’t believe my eyes — 48 degrees at the very end of May, and downpour the ENTIRE day 😅 I’ll admit, I was a little nervous because I knew we needed to change all our plans, but as soon as I walked into that getting ready room and saw Staci and the pure joy that was radiating from her, I knew that nothing else mattered to them besides saying I Do.

There were so many heartfelt moments throughout the day — Staci and Philip reading their vows to each other before their first look, taking communion together, recorded messages to and from their parents during their special dances — not kidding when I say I’ve cried more at this wedding than any other wedding.

Rain on a wedding day really puts things into perspective. You can panic about the logistics and worry about getting your train wet, or you can embrace the unexpected because at the end of the day, it shouldn’t matter if it’s sunshine or a tornado if you’re marrying the love of your life.

Marriage is a sacred thing meant to glorify God, and wow was yesterday the most beautiful reminder of that 💙

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