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The Devines - Downtown St. Paul Family Session

Aaaaaaahhh I am so excited to share this session with you guys! The Devines are a family that goes waaayyy back with my in-laws. The mom, Elizabeth, actually babysat my husband when he was a kid!

They live in Missouri, but make an annual pilgrimage up to their home state of Minnesota every summer - last year they were able to be here for our wedding, and this year, I was so honored that they asked if I could take some family photos for them!

Let me tell you guys. The kids in this family are the absolute cutest kids alive. No exaggeration.

Micah, the oldest, was such a great helper to me as we went through our session. Whether it was corralling unruly siblings, making his baby brother laugh, or just straight up being the most cooperative boy I've ever taken photos of, he was so wonderful!

I was informed from the get-go that Caiden might not be thrilled about the process. I quickly found out he was more into climbing the statues around us than having his picture taken. But you know what? That's no problem. It was on top of those statues that he looked happiest and most in his element so I said #yolo, and we got some great shots! It wasn't until later that Scott told me that Caiden told him he goes to an American Ninja Warrior type gym, so I guess all the parkour shouldn't have been a surprise 😂

Ariella from the get go was so excited to show me and my husband "Mr. Scott" her Polly Pockets. She also felt much safer entrusting them to Scott's care throughout their session than leaving them in the car. She loved sniffing the flowers as we passed by, and even got her two older brothers involved in a spontaneous Frozen sing-a-long.

Gavin found nothing to be funnier than when his family would fake a sneeze. Not sure what passersby thought when everyone was making sneezing sounds (*cough cough* Corona) but who cares - when it works it works 😂

I didn't know until the very end of the session, but Dan and Elizabeth were celebrating their 13-year wedding anniversary that day! I was so excited for them when I heard, and am so happy they still decided to share the night with me.

We met up at one of my favorite locations in St. Paul on a warm summer night! You guys, I know it may sound weird, but I could not recommend a city session for families more highly. It may require a bit more alertness on your part as a parent, but there is a lot more to do an interact with. This location in particular has a fountain, Peanuts statues, lots of flowers, and just a lot more variety than you will see in a local park. Part of what made this so fun was the kids were just enjoying themselves exploring, and we got some of our best shots from that!

Enjoy some of my favorites from their session!

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