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Troy + Sherry - Noerenberg Gardens Anniversary Session

Meet my in-laws! We'll call them Troy & Sherry for the sake of this blog post, but if you guys are reading this, just know it's "Mom" and "Dad" to me 😉 These two are celebrating their 30-year anniversary this coming December, but with the way they were giggling like high schoolers all evening during our session, you'd never even realize!

Troy & Sherry are a high school sweethearts success story, and definitely one of my favorites. When I started dating Scott in high school (looks like we followed in their pattern 😉) I remember thinking it was so sweet how his parents always seemed to be holding hands and just being super happy to be around each other, and that has not changed in my 7+ years of knowing them!

When Troy approached me earlier this summer asking if he could gift Sherry a photo session for her birthday, it was a quick and resounding ABSOLUTELY from me! After postponing once due to some unfortunate weather, we had the most beautiful evening this week to roam around Noerenberg Memorial Gardens in Wayzata and catch the tail end of the summer blooms. Their laughs and smiles are so sweet and some of my favorite I've gotten to capture because they are so special to me!

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