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Vilada & Albert - The Grands at Mulligans Wedding

You're in for a good one y'all. Vilada and Albert have been best friends since they were 16/17 years old. It was never anything more than that until a few summers ago. They spent that summer together and ended up falling in love!

I am SUPER honored, because they weren't originally planning on having a photographer at all. They found me through Facebook and reached out and I was so excited to say heck yeah to photographing their wedding!!

It was literally the perfect late summer day - it was sunny and gorgeous but not at all hot. As soon as I arrived the vibes were super excited and happy - not an ounce of stress in the house (at least I couldn't tell if there was 😂). Tears were shed by all including myself multiple times throughout the first look and the ceremony LOL I'm learning I can NOT hold it together at weddings anymore 😅

Of aaaaalllllll the photos from the day, I think their golden hour ones are my favorite, so be sure to hang on all the way until the end to see them!

Bride's shoes: Jimmy Choo

Groom's shoes: Christian Louboutin

Rings: Wedding Day Diamonds

Suits: Express

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