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frequently asked


How far in advance do I have to book?

For Weddings: I currently book 6-8 months out for weddings.

For Sessions: The bare minimum notice I need is 3 weeks, however that does not guarantee I will have availability in 3 weeks! I would recommend reaching out in the season before you want photos taken (i.e. Want fall photos? Connect with me in June or July!)

Can I have the unedited photos?

Under no circumstance will I distribute unedited work.

Do I get all the photos from my session?

Just because I take hundreds of photos at our session doesn't mean you will get them all. Photographers are always searching for the perfect moment, and sometimes that means clicking away 30 times in one pose to get THE shot. Because of this, no, you do not get every single photo from your session - but you get the best of the best! I only remove those that are duplicates, blurry, or unflattering.

I want a type of session you don't have on your website - will you do it?

If you do not see what you are looking for on my website, that means unfortunately I am not the right photographer fit for you! I currently am only taking on sessions as advertised - that means seniors, college grads, engagements, weddings, and select families

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