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Family photos do not, I repeat, DO NOT need to be stiff and posed with everybody wearing itchy sweaters in the same color, because, let's face it, that's not who you are. I want to show off who you are as a family, and those perfectly posed photos just don't do it justice. Of course we'll get the Christmas card photo with everyone happy and smiling, but more importantly, we'll get some genuine moments of laughter between you and your family members. 
And I'm going to tell you now - I will let your kids be kids! We all know smiling for pictures and taking constant instruction for an hour is just not something kids dream of doing, and I see things can go one of two ways: 1) We make them stand still and smile and get pained looks and bad attitudes instead, OR 2) we let them goof around a little bit. We let them dance around to the music I have playing! We let them do a silly picture! Anything I can do to make the experience fun for your kids, and you, I will do.The end goal for me is not to have you walk away just from a photoshoot, but from a fun family experience where you make lasting memories. I'm just there taking pictures of it all!
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the investment

There will always be a reason to put these off. You want to lose weight, you don't know where to start with picking outfits, or the most common thing I hear: you don't have time. But with kids, so much can change in a matter of months, and I believe that these memories are worth preserving, and preserving often, with more than just iPhone photos.

rpw photography Family experience - $300 + tax

  • Up to 45 minutes of shooting time 

  • Family Guide PDF with tons of tips & tricks to make the most out of your session

  • Assistance in picking location for your session

  • Gallery of 40+ edited images with posting and printing rights

  • Additional $20/person after 6 people.

While the number of photos guaranteed starts at 50, I do not put a top limit on the number of photos delivered to you. I only remove those which are duplicates, blurry, or unflattering. After our session, the images are yours. I have no hidden fees or additional charges for your images.

These are UN BEEE LIEVEABLE!!! I truly have no words. I can’t stop looking at these. This is such a precious, precious gift to this momma. You truly have a magical way with people. I have been telling everyone that this was such a therapeutic thing for our family. These will be so cherished in my household and every. Single. One. Printed.


Rebecca is a treasure. She is all smiles and energy. She kept my family moving and having fun during our session. I haven't laughed that hard in such a long time. Rebecca captured my family looking exactly like, well, US. We played lots of games that brought out natural smiles, lots of giggles, and true family love. I am a tall lady and have always felt so awkward being in front of a camera. Rebecca's instructions and guidance helped me feel more comfortable and the photos she captured made me feel so beautiful.

the magnusons

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