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Marissa & Erik - Intimate Lakeside Wedding

Marissa and I have run in similar circles since high school, but our paths never officially crossed until she reached out asking me to take her engagement photos last fall - and let me tell you, I'm glad they did!

Marissa and Erik have know each other since they were liiiiittle. They grew up in the same church until Erik moved across the country when they were in middle school. God brought these two back together in college and their journey of MARRIAGE started this past Saturday!

When we started talking about their vision for their wedding in September, none of us knew it would look quite like this. They traded in their vision of a lot of guests in their church sanctuary for an intimate, outdoor wedding with around 30 guests in attendance of the actual ceremony. After they walked back down the aisle, they were greeted with a huge receiving line of people in their cars who waited in the top parking lot to give them their best wishes. Once the last car honked and drove past, Marissa and Erik had a bubble send-off with all of their remaining guests.

Something that I loved that we did for their wedding day was set aside more time for portraits of just the two of them. After they made their exit, we made our way to downtown Wayzata to take some more portraits of the two of them. These are the ones that will be hung in their house for years to come, and I am so grateful I was given the opportunity to create with them!

Enjoy some favorites from their wedding:

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