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The Nelsons - Hyland Hills Ski Area Thursday Wedding

Where do I even begin with Aimee & Josh's wedding day? You could not have asked for a more beautiful summer afternoon for two people to get married. They opted for a Thursday wedding due to how quickly venues filled up this year due to COVID, and it was hands-down the best way to spend a Thursday.

Aimee and Josh met in college their freshman year, because Aimee's roommate was dating Josh's roommate (fun fact, those two are married now as well!) They spent the rest of their college careers falling more and more in love until this winter when Josh finally proposed. Aimee's friends invited her to a movie for one of their birthdays, saying one of their parents had rented out the theatre for them. Aimee thought nothing of it and was ready for a night with friends! Josh told her he was scheduled to work that evening, and that was that. It wasn't until a movie preview started rolling that Aimee knew something was up, and even that took her a while. With the help of one of their friends, Josh crafted a video proposal that I'm not even going to begin to describe because I won't do it justice, and I'm actually just going to link right here. The video ends with Josh walking up to the very movie theatre Aimee was at with her friends, and he came into the theatre, got down on one knee, and the rest is history!

I arrived at their venue to the sound of bridesmaids making Tiktoks, and that was just the first of many memorable moments of the day. Aimee walked down the aisle to the Lord of the Rings theme, both her parents brought the guests to tears with their sweet speeches, we caught a killer sunset, and everyone had the best night.

I can talk about their day forever, but I know why you're all here, so without further ado, enjoy some of my favorite photos from Aimee and Josh's wedding day 🤍

Venue: Hyland Hills Ski Area

Dress: Kenneth Winston

Bridesmaids: Azazie

Jewelry: Glamour Bride USA

Floral: Fifty Flowers

Catering: Hyvee Savage

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