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The Nelsons - Minneapolis, MN Family Session

I met the Nelsons through church, and they are such a great family! Jackie and I were in bible study together this past year, so I knew her the best, and I was so so so excited when she reached out for family photos a few months back! The best part? They wanted to take them downtown. I LOVE when families want to take their pictures downtown because it is so unique! Most family sessions you see are just taken at local parks, so this really makes them stand out.

Their youngest is turning 4 this year, and it is a little bit of a tradition for them to do a 4-year photos session where we really focus on that kid. I was so stoked to be able to do this for their youngest and it was the cuuuuutest thing. We got so many adorable shots of her, and of them as a family. Their outfit coordination was freaking amazing too by the way!

Enjoy some of my favs!

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