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Jennifer + Adam - Lebanon Hills Engagement

Jennifer and Adam met at work, where Adam was the “golden boy” that everyone liked. Jennifer didn’t get the hype at first, but that’s obviously changed 🤪

They have been together for 6 years, and none of their coworkers even had a CLUE until AFTER they got engaged 😱 How they had the self-control to not spill that tea is beyond me. 🤣

Jennifer was the MoH in a wedding I shot last fall and I was soooo excited when her name popped up in my inbox this year. I had the best time frolicking with these earlier this month in one of my favorite photo spots! We had some of the weirdest/coolest lighting since the sky was very hazy due to wildfire smoke from Canada.

I cannot WAIT for these two's Wisconsin wedding next year, and will be admiring these photos pretty much every day between now and then! 🤩

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