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Trish + Andy - Como Park Engagement Mini Session


My brother-in-law, Andy, popped the question to his girlfriend of 2+ years, Trish, on Tuesday night. In the weeks before she came to town, Andy ran a few ideas past the family, one of them being a canoe ride where he "falls out" of the canoe, and when he resurfaced, he would have the engagement ring. Weeeelllll if you know Andy, you know a couple of years ago, he lost his phone trying to catch a turtle in a lake, so that idea was quickly shot down by his family 🤣

How it actually went down is, on Tuesday, he spent the whole day setting the stage. They made chocolate-covered strawberries in the morning for a picnic they would be having that evening. They went football card shopping (this will come in later.) They stopped by our house to get a lunch box to bring their food in, and when I saw Trish, I thought there was NO WAY she DIDN'T know what was about to happen. Homegirl was more dolled up for this picnic than I've been for anything in my life, but then again, she just has better style than me 😂 She claims she had no idea that it was going to happen that night, because she always thought Andy would propose with all his family there, but it was clear when they stopped by that Scott and I had no plans that night, so that threw her off and she figured it would happen later in her trip!

After they ate their Noodles & Company on their picnic they were taking some videos for a Tiktok of them unpackaging the football cards they had bought that morning. Midway through a pack Trish was opening, she pulls a card a little unlike the rest. This card had a photo of the two of them on the front rather than a football player, and the words "Will You Marry Me?" on the front.

Andy got down on one knee, and Trish proceeded to not hear one word of the proposal through her sobs (ladies, we all can relate 🤣), but it didn't matter what Andy said, because she knew her answer was a resounding YES!

I am so excited to be adding Trish to our band of sisters, and of course we had to sneak in an impromptu mini engagement session before she flies back to California this week!

So pumped for these two and the chance to be in their wedding next summer, just not as a photographer this time! 😉🤍

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